Merits and Demerits of Paparazzi Photography

Paparazzi photography has become a fully-fledged category of photography. The art of capturing photography targets without their knowledge and approval has taken the photography industry by a storm. For the general public, they have enjoyed a side previously unknown of the victims of this invasion. For the targets, paparazzi behaviour has become a living nightmare. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of the art of paparazzi photography.

Merits of Paparazzi Photography

Does paparazzi photography serve any purpose? In essence, paparazzi has several merits in modern society. It creates entertainment value to the general public. For lovers of celebrity gossip and grapevine, paparazzi brings out the other side of stars and celebrities. It fills the tabloid pages with revelations on their private affairs to the amusement of the readers.

Paparazzi photography also brings to light the shady affairs of public figures such as politicians. By revealing their dark scandalous sides, this type of photography puts the leaders to account for their behaviour. As public servants, the revelations helps the public to assess the quality of leaders. In a nutshell, paparazzi photography plays the role of a watchdog in the modern society.

Paparazzi photography can also bring the good side of a person. By taking clandestine photos of public figures, paparazzi may shift the public opinion from unfavourable to favourable. By capturing a noble deed or kind gestures of public figures, paparazzi create a new perception in the mind of the general public attracting support, sympathy or restoring reputation.

The Dark Side of Paparazzi Photography

Paparazzi photography has been blamed for several ills. They have been accused of blatantly violating the privacy of their targets through unapproved photos and unauthorized publication. Paparazzi trade in stock is the sleazy photos of celebrities and other persons who generate public interest. By publishing these photographs in tabloids and on the internet, they risk destroying the self-esteem and family relations of their targets.

Closely linked to privacy is image rights. Celebrities such as musicians and movie stars earn a substantial amount of money from product endorsement and advertisement deals. Leaking the private photos denigrates their images hence leading to loss of income and destroying livelihoods.