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Yet it is still a traditional resort with a fishing fleet and fish market, with a grassy promenade known as the Leas which goes across the cliffs with pleasant wooded walks.

Folkestone Mermaid

Through a process of open submission, Parker chose Georgina Baker, mother of two and Folkestone born and bred. Unlike the idealised Copenhagen version, ‘The Folkestone Mermaid’ is a life-size, life-cast sculpture, celebrating the local and the everyday. Parker’s mermaid, a more confident and knowing lady of the sea than Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale one, is a permanent work for Folkestone.

Folkestone  Harbour.

Folkestone Harbour

Prince Harry has unveiled a memorial arch in Folkestone to remember the millions of men and women involved in the First World War.

Folkestone's Little Mermaid

Folkestone is a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England.

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