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Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle in Kent, England, has been called the "loveliest castle in the world". Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence and a royal palace. It's situation is stunning, set on two islands in a magnificent lake.

The last owner of Leeds Castle was the indomitable Lady Baillie who bought the castle in 1926 and employed French interior designers to transform her new home. She dedicated most of her life to the improvement of the Castle and was responsible for setting up the Leeds Castle Foundation.  The Castle was opened to the public in 1976.

The castle was a royal residence for six of England's medieval queens and a palace of Henry VIII. Much of the castle was restored and rebuilt in the 19th century, and many of the lavishly decorated rooms are open to the public.

The Loveliest Castle in the World, 5 miles southeast of Maidstone. The castle has been on the site since 1119.

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