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St, Margarets at Cliffe

St Margaret's at Cliffe is situated on the southeast coast of England, between Dover and Deal.

At the western end of St Margaret's Bay is the Coastguard Station at Langdon Battery which monitors the Straits of Dover and much of the land behind the Bay is owned by the National Trust. The Saxon Way long-distance coastal walk crosses some of that land.

St. Margaret's at Cliffe is a three-part village situated just off the coast road between Deal and Dover in Kent, England. The heart of the village is about 3/4 mile (1 km) from the sea with the residential area of Nelson Park further inland and St Margaret's Bay situated along and below the cliffs north of South Foreland.

Channel swimmers and submarine telephone cables start from St Margaret's Bay. At the north end of the bay is Leathercote Point (sometimes spelt Leathercoat Point or Lethercote Point), where there is a war memorial commemorating the Dover Patrol. According to the International Hydrographic Organization, Leathercote Point marks the western end of the line which defines the divide between the North Sea and the English Channel, the opposite end being at the Walde Lighthouse near Calais.

In 1918, the last bomb to be dropped in England in WW1 fell on St Margaret's and when WW2 began the area, like many others along the south coast, was evacuated of all unnecessary civilians and occupied by troops in readiness for the expected invasion.

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