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The village is famed for its medieval quintain which stands on the green, believed to be the last remaining example in the country.

The quintain consists of a wooden post around eight feet in height with a freely-rotating arm on the top. One end of the arm is flat (the "eye"), with the other used to attach heavy objects such as a leather pack. In a sport dating back to perhaps Roman times, a horseman would ride at the quintain at full pace with his lance extended to strike the flat end. Should the horseman not be riding sufficiently quickly, the arm would swing round and the heavy object knock him off his horse.

Oare Marshes

Oare Marshes Nature Reserve is located on the south bank of The Swale at Harty Ferry. The well-sheltered marshland and mudflats of Oare Marshes provide a superb habitat and attract many migrating birds.

One of the most familiar sights to travelers in southeast England is the distinctive conical or pyramid-shaped oast house. These oast houses are a reminder of Britain's once thriving brewing industry.

Tonbridge Castle

England's finest example of a motte and bailey Castle with a splendid 13th century Gatehouse.  Tonbridge Castle is set in landscaped gardens overlooking the River Medway.

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