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Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle.

It was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge who was issued a licence to crenellate his existing manor house in 1385.  Sir Edward took the licence in rather liberal terms by demolishing his old house (on the hill opposite) completely and building Bodiam Castle from scratch.  The moat was fed from the nearby River Rother, which is at about its highest navigable point here.  Without a doubt the Castle would have been some use as a defence had the French ever got around to invading.

The castle is completely surrounded by a moat. The south side has a central tower called a postern tower. To the right of the postern tower is the castle's great hall. The turret at the left houses the well. Most of the castle interior was destroyed during the English Civil War. The north side of the castle has the gatehouse and bridge. The turret on the left contains the chapel.

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